3via Trivia

The most immersive trivia game featuring stunning photography, fun questions and compelling ambience sounds. Available on all your Apple products.

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Stunning Photography and Fun Questions

Thousands of mind boggling fun questions accompanied by beautiful imagery and compelling ambience sounds.

Supports Apple TV – use phones as remotes

Try out 3via at your next game night by hosting a game on the Apple TV with your friends and family! While 3via is fully supported stand alone on both iPhones and iPads, we strongly recommend trying it out on the big screen :).

Play with random opponents online

In addition to single player games, you can test your knowledge against random players online, in three different game modes: Classic, Death Match, and Speed.



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Death Match



Tons of Question Categories

We have a variety of questions to sharpen your knowledge, whether you're into movies, tv shows, music, animals, sports, astronomy, science, history, geography, literature, art, agriculture, or whatever else may cross your mind.

Coming soon: Badges and Rewards

Soon we will be launching new ways to track and reward your game play through all sorts of badges and rewards.

Score is your way to the top

Practice solo or test your wits against your friends, family or random know-it-alls online.


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Climb the Hall of Fame

The best of the best climb their way ino the prestigious Hall of fame. Each week you have the opportunity to shine like a star and prove once and for all your brilliance to any doubters!